Contact the Divine Art Jewelry Designers


Lina, Donna and J. are women of spirit who desire to bring out the inner beauty of their wearers through the ceration of a diverse variety of designs, suited for the modern woman.

Lina Wu is a jewelry designer, yoga instructor and children’s book writer. Lina believes in bringing about transformation and spiritual joy in whatever she does. She can do and loves to do many creative things, but she believes that all that she does is what her soul wishes to express. If you would like something specially designed for you or someone, you can email her at or for more information and updates go to

Donna Johanasen is an interior designer and talented spiritual artist with a calling. Find our more about her at and you can check out some of her artwork at

J. Tamizato works on all our displays at shows and stores. Her displays brings wonderful energy and amazing vibration to all spaces. Email her at if you would like a selection of Divine Art Jewelry displayed at your store or even for house parties.