"Let the beauty we love be what we do.” - Rumi

Gallery 1 - Necklaces & Bracelets Beautiful and Unique handmade jewelry. Crystals, gem stones, glass beads and mixed metals make each piece an individual work of art. Created with joy, love delight and happiness, and charged with positive energy from the heart, you will love to wear them as much as other will enjoy seeing them.

 Gallery 2 - Bliss Earrings Bliss Earrings are fun and colorful. When you wear them, you feel happy and beautiful. Each pair of earrings are divinely inspired and unique creations. If you don't see what you are looking for, please email Lina for a custom pair to beautify your life and enlighten your soul.

Divine Art JewElry - Our Designers

"A heart in love with beauty never grows old." - Turkish Proverb

Lina Wu is a jewelry designer, yoga instructor and children’s book writer. Lina believes in bringing about transformation and spiritual joy in whatever she does. She can do and loves to do many creative things, but she believes that all that she does is what her soul wishes to express. If you would like something specially designed for you or someone, you can email her at divineartjewelry@gmail.com or for more information and updates go to www.divineartjewelry.blogspot.com.

Donna Johansen is an interior designer and talented spiritual artist with a calling. Find our more about her at www.inspiredartdecor.blogspot.com and you can check out some of her artwork at www.inspiredartdecor.com

J. Tamizato works on all our displays at shows and stores. Her displays brings wonderful energy and amazing vibration to all spaces. Email her at divineartjt@gmail.com if you would like a selection of Divine Art Jewelry displayed at your store or even for house parties.


"Lina makes the greatest necklaces. Every time I wear one, I receive many compliments, and I feel the love that was put in to each one. She uses high quality products and every piece is one of a kind! I love her jewelery and would highly recommend it!"

Trisha DeCesare, yoga instructor

"I feel the shift in energy in Lina's jewelry. When I wear them, it's like she turned on my light switch and cleaned my windshields. ..."

● Jeanne Tamizato

Lina's jewelry is magical. Made with love and higher consciousness, it reflects a grander idea than just adornment. I have several of her pieces, and I wear them on important occasions to bring that energy into them. And, of course, they're lovely!"

Holly Mosier, author of Stress Less Weigh Less

"... I like wearing Lina’s jewelry because it is fun and light. ..."

● Lisa Brabender, owner of Lotus 7 Yoga Studio